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Horizontal Stone Cage Net Machine / Gabion wire mesh machine

wire mesh machine

Horizontal Stone Cage Net Machine / Gabion wire mesh machine

Horizontal gabion mesh machine is also called large hexagonal mesh machine. It has smooth operation, low noise and high efficiency. It is a machine for weaving large scale, wide width and thick diameter hexagonal mesh. The hexagonal mesh woven by this machine has a variety of mesh standards. This mesh is mainly used as gabion wire mesh, guardrail net, etc. It is an excellent material used to maintain and support seawalls, hillsides, roads, bridges, reservoirs, other civil engineering and flood control.

    Gabion wire mesh usage

    Gabion cages made with heavy type gabion mesh machines are widely used in embankment protection projects, water conservancy construction, flood and water logging prevention, reinforced cement keels in the construction industry and agricultural buildings to achieve reinforcement and protection effects. Used as protective cages, boiler covers to withstand cold and heat, and floor concrete slab reinforcement. It can also be used to make fences for raising chickens, ducks, rabbits and other poultry, fish pond fences, children's playground fences, protective nets for residential windows and gardens, river embankment enclosures, etc. It is also very effective in the petroleum and chemical fiber industries, wrapping pipes, boiler insulation, and antifreeze.

    Basic parameters of horizontal gabion mesh machine

    Mesh Size

    Mesh width(mm)

    Wire Diameter(mm)

    Number of Twists

















    Can manufacture customized type

    Advantages of gabion mesh machine

    1.The gabion mesh machine is easy to use. You only need to lay the mesh flat on the wall or the cement floor of the building to use it.
    2.The construction is simple and does not require special skills.
    3.It has strong ability to withstand natural damage, corrosion and harsh weather effects.
    4.The gabion mesh machine can withstand a wide range of deformation without collapsing. It plays the role of fixed.
    5.The excellent process foundation ensures the uniformity of coating thickness and stronger corrosion resistance.
    6.Adopting horizontal structure, the machine runs more smoothly.
    7.Reduced volume, reduced floor area, greatly reduced electricity consumption, and reduced costs in many aspects.
    8.The operation is more simple, only need two people to operate, greatly reducing the long-term labor cost.
    9.Suitable for hot dip galvanized wire, zinc aluminum alloy, low carbon steel wire, electric galvanized,PVC plastic and other materials.


    Gabion mesh machine performance

    1.This machine adopts horizontal structure, runs smoothly and has high production efficiency.
    2.The raw materials of the product are galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire.
    3.This mesh has a solid structure and a smooth surface.
    4.Reduce the investment cost by 50% VS heavy type, and provide production efficiency.